Halle Berry in Pretty Hot Gown Dresses Styles

Halle Berry in Pretty Hot Gown Dresses StylesHalle Berry was born August 14, 1966 in Cleveland, Ohio, United State of America and she appear in 1989 and she works in film or movies acting along with modeling and she is formal model in addition to wins best people awards, top best golden globe awards, best actress awards, teens choice awards and she was married in 1993 and her mother is Judith Ann Hawkins and her father is Jerome Jesse Berrry. she very sweet beauty pretty makeup and cool light brown hairstyle with feminine wavy in addition to showing sweet charming smile and wears gown dresses, very beautiful stylish with flower print celebrity and attractive elegant bikini fashion stylish amazing good looking photo shoot. The Gown Dresses are white georgette halter fashion style with nice belt as well as tiny beads on the bodice by Dior along with lovely cream high heel shoes by and gorgeous bracelets jewelry and wonderful design for modern girls and wears when

Halle Berry in gown dresses

celebrity superstar fashion modeling session of graceful Georgette halter fashion model photo shoot. Halle Berry is a beautiful American female model, film, movie, television actress, popular model, cosmetic model, beauty model, fashion model, star model, magazine cover model, Hollywood star, beauty queen, Hot Woman Alive, and brunette women celebrity. Halle Berry height is 1.66m and has a hair color lovely dark brown and eyes color wonderful light brown. Here are some styles photos when she was in gown dresses and others amazing celebrity fashion styles.