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5 Things to Consider Before You Go for Zip Lining

Zip-lining is a growing fun activity that people love globally. It’s an exciting experience that every adrenaline junkie should try on one of their adventure trips. Although the exercise may seem terrifying, it has some health benefits such as reducing stress, getting the feeling of accomplishment, and lowering your blood pressure.

Possibly, as a first-timer, you are ready to jump on this thrill-seeking activity in your next trip. However, before you go right into it, have a look at the 5 things you need to consider before going for zip lining.

Certify The Zip Line Tour Operator is Legit and Certified

Your safety comes first. Do not rely only on what you see on the company’s website only. Do some research, days before visiting the actual place. It is also recommended that you make a call to the company and ask a question or two.

Ask how they will keep you safe, the status of their safety record, their insurance, and the safety of the zip line platform. If you go in a zip-line that has not observed any professionalism in its platform installation, then you are risking it all. Go for a zip-line that is safe and pleasurable.

Know the Dressing Code.

Zip-lining has a specific dress code that should be maintained to enhance comfortability. In most cases, you are advised to have long pants and closed-toe shoes. For ladies, the hair can be laid back or styled in a way that will not tamper with your zip-lining experience.

In the same breath, accessories, scarfs, sandals, flip-flops are not endorsed since they may kink on the zip-line trolley or fall off. Do not also forget about the helmet. Have it on!

Zip Line Weight Limit

As much as the zip-line equipment is robust, capable even to hold a truck, it has a weight limit. The weight limit is kept in place to protect the zip-line riders. When a rider is too light, they may stop at the middle of the zip line.

At the same time, a heavy rider may cross over to the other side quicker than allowed causing injuries. Typically, a zip-line rider should range from 60 to 275 pounds.

Depending on your operator, you may also find a specifically recommended waist circumference.

How Fast is a Zip Line?

The most exciting moment of the zip-line ride is the speed between the starting point to the endpoint. Different zip-lines have diverse speeds ranging from 21 to 125 miles per hour. However, the average speed for most zip lines is between 31 to 40 miles per hour.

Who is Fit to Have a Zip Line Ride?

Although zip lining is not limited to a particular group of people, some conditions may restrict you from having a zip line ride. For instance, if pregnant, have a heart condition, or think that zip lining stress might be too much to handle, then this might not be for you.

Bottom Line

Zip lining is a great experience, but only if you consider your safety and focus on a few must-knows and must-haves. With the tips above, you can now plan on that trip. Get the best zip line operators and have that mind-thrilling experience.

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