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Choose the Right WOW! Plan for Ultimate Entertainment

Are you a WOW! customer? If yes then you should be proud of yourself for making the right decision and being lucky enough to live in the area where this ISP is providing its coverage.

Yes, it is not available in all the states of America and is currently providing its services in 9 states of the country. In case you have not yet explored the unlimited benefits of being a WOW! customer, now is your chance!

We can assure you that each standalone plan and bundled package from this provider is exclusively curated to provide maximum satisfaction in a minimum amount. From WOW Internet to home phone and TV services, it has never failed to amaze us with cutting-edge features and competitive prices which can bring you the ultimate value for your money.

WOW! can be your one-stop-shop for getting all your entertainment and connectivity requirement fulfilled. Apart from their well-designed packages, you can also enjoy all the fascinating features that come along with them.

So if you want to know about what plan can be more suitable for you and what are the advantages you get out of them, then keep reading.

The Right WOW! Plan for You!

Whether you live alone, have a small family, or are running an enterprise full of employees who are continuously using the internet, WOW! has got you covered!

With the wide range of packages that represents the clear understanding of the provider about the variation in consumer profiles, you can pick just the perfect fit for you.

Below are some options that can work in your favor!

·       WOW! Fast Internet

If you live alone and don’t want to spend all your income on internet bills then this one can work perfectly. It offers you a maximum download speed of up to 100 Mbps at only $29.99 per month.

Apart from this simplified pricing, the best thing about this offer is that you can study online, work from home and even watch your favorite shows and movies without worrying about the data limit.

·       WOW! Super-Fast Internet

If you are a small family who is not so much into using the internet and want to go for something budget-friendly then you can try subscribing to the super-fast internet plan.

It offers you a maximum download speed of up to 200 Mbps at just $34.99 per month. In addition to this, you also get to enjoy the unlimited data allowance for the whole month.

·       WOW! Ultra-Fast Internet

If you are still concerned about your budget but you want something that is an upgrade from the previous plan then you can try going for the Ultra-Fast Internet plan.

This can be a perfect solution to all your speed problems as well as budget issues. You only have to spend $44.99 per month and you will get to have the maximum download speed of up to 500 Mbps with an unlimited data allowance.

·       WOW! Lightning-Fast Internet

This plan is a perfect pick for entities who are looking for the finest and blazing-fast internet speed. If you get this you can have a maximum download speed of up to 1000 Mbps with an unlimited data allowance.

This offer is giving you the maximum level of speed at less price than any other provider plus the catch is that you can have a Whole-Home Wi-Fi for free. It can improve the coverage of your internet and assist you in getting the most empowering experience just by paying $64.99 per month.

Ultimate Benefits of Choosing WOW! Plans

As we mentioned before that you are not just going to get everything mentioned in a plan but WOW! delivers maximum satisfaction through additional features that will enhance your experience.

So here are some amazing features that you don’t want to miss out on!

·       Free Installation

If this is your first time with WOW! then consider yourself lucky. Because with all the standard activation package including internet, home phone, and cable TV services you can get free installation when you order it.

·       Service Protection Plan

You can easily subscribe to the Service Protection Plan that covers all your repairs to the wiring of your TV, phone, and internet. You will only have to pay $5 per month and you will be exempt from all the technician visit fees, repairs, and equipment replacement charges.

·       High-End Online Security

WOW! internet is also providing total protection to all your online activities so that you don’t have to worry about anything. It offers you everything including with firewall, anti-popup, anti-virus, anti-hacking services, and much more.

·       Amazing Customer Service

WOW! is always a step ahead when it comes to user satisfaction. They have developed every possible solution for any potential problem. For this reason, the WOW! customer service is available around the clock to cater to the issues and quires of every customer and make sure to resolve them with utmost quality and reassurance.

In a Nutshell

WOW! has proven to be the most reliable and trustworthy internet service provider. In addition to this, they offer some extraordinary offers that can fit the needs of the masses which makes it a perfect choice!

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