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Things You Need to Know About Lightsabers

A lightsaber is one of the coolest weapons in science fiction. It is made of plasma and can cut through anything and makes a cool sound when you swing it around. It is the best thing Star Wars ever gave to kids all over the world.

Well, the truth is, there is a fascinating history of lightsabers; a weapon that defines the Star Wars universe. Well, with this in mind, here is everything you need to know about lightsabers.

  1. What Does Lightsaber Color Mean?

Well, the colour of the lightsabers is dependent on the colour of the kyber crystal. Most of the crystals on Ilum are blue, the predominant colour for a Jedi saber. But we occasionally see purple, yellow blades too.

Maybe you’re wondering about the lightsaber color meaning? Well, the colors represent the Jedis relationship with forces. For instance, red lightsabers are exclusively dark Forces. They’re unnatural as kyber never grows red.

  1. Lightsabers Are More Than Swords

Yes, we are used to seeing a standard lightsaber shaped and used like a regular sword. Well, the technology behind it has been modified in very many ways by both the Dark and Light users of the force.

One of the rarer and exotic variations of the lightsaber includes the “light whip,” made by strands of emitters coming through instead of a single emitter in the handle.

  1. Who Created the Lightsabers?

Before the lightsabers, we know and love came to be, there were precursors known as Forcesabers. Instead of being controlled beams of plasma, they were concentrated beams of dark forces focused through crystals set in metal handles. These were created by Force Hounds who worked in service of the Rakatan Empire.

The link between Forcesabers with the Dark Force made many of those on the Light Side reluctant to use them. Even worse, the tie between the forcesaber and the dark side was very strong and could turn the users on the Light Side to the Dark Side of the force just by picking it up.

  1. Initially, Lightsabers Required Batteries

After forcesabers fell out of use, protosabers began to appear. The protosabers were bulky, unwieldy, and would often overheat. To sustain their inefficient energy use, a belt battery pack would be mounted on them. Because of this, the lightsabers were used more for ceremonies and much less for combats.

Well after numerous technological improvements and refinements, protosabers were used as combat weapons.

  1. The Lightsaber Can Cut Through Anything

A lightsaber is a controlled form of plasma, and can therefore cut through almost anything. All that’s needed is enough time behind the swing and enough force to cut. But, there are a few things that it cannot cut through and which the enemies of lightsaber use to their advantage.

One such material is Mandalorian iron, Mandalorian bounty hunters like Boba Fett and Jango make their weapons from this iron.


In the science fiction universe, there are many weapons. However, the most iconic and unique is the lightsaber. The weapon was first seen in the Star Wars series back in 1977. Since then, it’s been seen in comic books, television and movies

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