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Keep These Rules in Mind When Hiring Strippers

Hiring strippers is pretty much a given for some events, birthday parties and bucks nights come to mind, but when the strippers come around, how should you act? Lots of men really don’t know what to do with themselves when they see striptease dancers in Perth, and we don’t blame you, just take a look at these tips and get off on the right foot.

Don’t Touch The Dancers

This is a universal rule designed to create a safe space for the dancers. It’s really simple actually, just don’t touch the strippers. In fact, it’s a great rule for being out in society in general, don’t touch anyone you don’t know (or even if you do know them) without their permission.

When it comes to strippers, the newbies and men with attitudes get the wrong idea. They think they’re paying for a woman to fawn over them, and in a way, they are. But what they’re really paying for is high-quality entertainment. This means the girls are there to entertain, dance and express themselves. They aren’t there to be a plaything. This is important to remember, especially if you’re getting a lap dance or having a few drinks.

What do you do if you want to touch the dancers? Just ask politely. Specify where you want to touch them and take their response as final. There’s no need to argue as to why they said no, just say ‘fair enough’ and move on.

Respect Matters

It’s strange to have to remind people of this, but if you’re new to seeing strippers you can get carried away by the whole show but remember that strippers are people too. They are just a regular person doing a very demanding and hard job. After all, they have to entertain whole groups of men at a time, and this is a daunting task. What we’re trying to say is that you should be as respectful as you can be, given the circumstances. This means tip the girls if you like their work, cheer, clap after they’re done dancing, and chat to them casually, once you get to talking, you’ll realize they’re great conversationalists too.

Don’t Take Photos or Videos Without Permission

In this modern day and age, everyone has a camera right there in their hands, but this doesn’t mean you should just take photos of the girls dancing. Sometimes, strippers prefer to work discreetly, and other times their agency or strip club will prefer photos taken for marketing. Make sure to double-check or listen out for an announcement by the MC regarding this rule. Remember that taking photos of people without their permission is sometimes flattering and sometimes disruptive and rude, it all depends on the agency and the girls and their rules. So it’s better to ask and do things respectfully.

Dress Right

Just because you’re out partying with friends it doesn’t mean that you dress down. Usually, strippers are coming to higher-end events, so try to look presentable. This doesn’t just mean dressing up, it also includes smelling good and doing your hair, and maintaining any facial hair. The better you look, the better you’ll feel, so put your best foot forward.

Strippers Aren’t Sex Workers

This is a vital thing to keep in mind. Strippers are not sex workers, it’s prohibited in almost all circumstances to solicit them for sex, whether you ask or not. Strippers are strictly for entertainment, they are not for personal pleasure beyond using your eyes. So try and remember that this is their job, and they have boundaries.

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